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  • Protostealth

    Let's Play Democracy

    October 15, 2013 by Protostealth

    Please see User blog:SlyCooperFan1/Let's Play Democracy, Part 2.

    For all the new people and the uninitiated, me and SlyCooperFan1 have been discussing things pertaining to the content of the Wikia, namely templates, files, copyright and article formatting. The subject at hand here is the format used to name event articles. To illustrate, here's what the man said.


    The thing is, we've been discussing over whether pages should be named with a rigid format (ie. Battle of X/Operation X/Invasion of X/etc.) or use a looser one that adapts to the subject in question, as in Siege of Silvat, Bombing of Hoffnung and so on. We want to put an end to the talking and settle on a single format to maintain global consistency.

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  • Protostealth

    Article renaming

    August 23, 2013 by Protostealth

    Posting this as a heads-up for all editors: currently, several articles are being renamed to conform to the new site standards. This will create many dead/red links throughout the site. Anybody willing can help us by fixing these links as they come up. Thanks for your understanding.

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  • Protostealth

     Over the last few days, the administration has been working to overhaul the Ace Combat Wiki in its entirety and give it a much-needed facelift. The three major sections of the overhaul are site policy, article formatting and site appearance. Additional information is given below.

    The user policies of the site are currently under major revision by the administration. Based on similar policies employed by other sites, these will be updated to a much greater standard. As a result, the powers that be will become much more strict.

    • Image policy: Under construction.
      • Site policy now demands the sourcing of all images uploaded to Acepedia after the new rules' coming into effect (July 9, 2013). For this purpose, the Information Template must be used when sub…

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  • Protostealth

    It's official: the clues posted by Project Aces in their Twitter account were the prelude to a brand new project from Namco Bandai. Two hours ago, a site (  was set up, which contains the full version of the message posted in Twitter back in July 10:

    That day our sky fe||, the heavens split to create new skies.

    Is Namco working on a new Ace Combat? Only time will tell. Expect additional information in the coming days. Until then, stay fly, aces.

    EDIT. The coding of the site contains a particular line:

    Looks like this is enough proof that a new Ace Combat is being made. Should we break out the Chateau Boloise?

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  • Protostealth

    Some hours ago, the official Twitter account of Project Aces was updated with a mysterious new image. This is the second picture after the posted in Twitter in June 21. Could this mean there's a new Ace Combat in the horizon?

    Share your opinion below?

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