So, um, you might as well consider this Acepedia's equivalent of the news blogs at the Call of Duty wiki. Anyway, let's get going.


  • New Assault Horizon Trailer: yesterday, a new trailer for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon was posted in It's a 2-minute long compilation of footage from the E3 "Assault Horizon" and Gamescom 2011 "Full-Blown Assault/Gotta Stay Fly" trailers. The video features a never seen before clip of main antagonist Andrei Markov, which features the man holding a (presumed dead) blonde woman in his hands, amidst a ruined landscape. Apparently, we have discovered Markov's motivation to fight with the SRN: the US killed his wife (at least, that's what I believe.)
  • 'Chi Chun Liu's Neon Genesis Eaglegelion*' on Gaming Networks: Members from Ace Combat Skies have reported spotting the winning F-15C Eagle Death Rider paint scheme of the April 2011 Skin Design Contest on Facebook available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Network. It has been confirmed on the European PSN, but its missing in action in the XBL Marketplace and the American PSN.

"*" = In case you don't get the Evangelion pun, I spoke with the designer of the scheme on Facebook; he said that he took inspiration from Neon Genesis Evangelion. In other words, the F-15C is an Evangelion unit turned aircraft. Real fitting, considering the gore on both series!

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