Over the last few days, the administration has been working to overhaul the Ace Combat Wiki in its entirety and give it a much-needed facelift. The three major sections of the overhaul are site policy, article formatting and site appearance. Additional information is given below.

Site Policy

The user policies of the site are currently under major revision by the administration. Based on similar policies employed by other sites, these will be updated to a much greater standard. As a result, the powers that be will become much more strict.

  • Image policy: Under construction.
    • Site policy now demands the sourcing of all images uploaded to Acepedia after the new rules' coming into effect (July 9, 2013). For this purpose, the Information Template must be used when submitting an image. Templates concerning image copyright are:
      • CC-BY-SA - For images falling under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License
      • Fair Use - For images qualifying under United States fair use law
      • No License - For images without a license (usual grounds for termination)
      • Permission - For images with use permitted by the author
      • Public Domain - For images allowed for global use
      • Self - For images created by the user
      • Screenshots - For game or film screenshots
      • WikiLicense - For images taken from Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation
    • Images that are unused and/or do not conform to the new policy will be deleted or repurposed as deemed necessary.
    • Fan art will be forbidden site-wide. That means no Fel or Pvtskwerl!
  • New sourcing policy
    • Information in the mainspace must be sourced appropiately. "Mission" articles are generally exempt from this rule, except when referring to obscure facts.

Article formatting

Plans are being made to create a consistent format for all mainspace articles to follow.

  • Aircraft
    • Header
    • History/characteristics
      • In case of aircraft with plenty of lore information (CFA-44, ADF-01), format should go "History" with relevant events followed by "Design" - avionics, weaponry and the like
    • Trivia
    • Gallery
  • Mission
    • Header (with optional quote)
    • Plot
    • Ace NPCs (Aces/Named enemies)
    • Trivia
    • Gallery
  • Character
    • Header
    • Biography
    • Personality and characteristics
    • Trivia
    • Gallery

Site appearance

Currently the least important aspect of the redesign plan. This encompasses the site background, logo, main page and color palette used in links and the user interface.

Additional information

Miscellaneous information that warrants a mention. Some of these facts may or may not make the cut.

  • Media
    • A placeholder image for infoboxes is needed. Like so.
  • MediaWiki coding
    • Coding to make corners on image frames in articles round a la Assassin's Creed Wiki
    • Adding a section with the Information template's waterboiler (code) in the Special:Upload page
  • Templates
    • A template marking...
      • ...a page under construction (Under Construction)
      • ...a stub that needs major help (Stub)
      • ...a featured article (FA)
      • ...a page marked for deletion (Delete)
      • ...a high-ranking user's page (Admin)
      • ...a page with information from an upcoming Ace Combat project (Unreleased)
    • An "era" template, such as the one from the Assassin Wiki

Keep in mind that the information above will change in the coming days, and that some of the information given above is subject to change. Express your opinion in the comments below!

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