Please see User blog:SlyCooperFan1/Let's Play Democracy, Part 2.

For all the new people and the uninitiated, me and SlyCooperFan1 have been discussing things pertaining to the content of the Wikia, namely templates, files, copyright and article formatting. The subject at hand here is the format used to name event articles. To illustrate, here's what the man said.

"Along with the above links that still need to be corrected, Proto, I say we leave the question up to the users on whether we should keep the canon "Operation X" names or use "Battle of X" "Invasion of X" "etc. of X". I was talking with a user in the chat a few days ago and he shared my sentiment that doing it the way you want to do it might end up in confusion for everyone. I say we ask the rest of the Wikia and see what they think."
― Sly[1]

The thing is, we've been discussing over whether pages should be named with a rigid format (ie. Battle of X/Operation X/Invasion of X/etc.) or use a looser one that adapts to the subject in question, as in Siege of Silvat, Bombing of Hoffnung and so on. We want to put an end to the talking and settle on a single format to maintain global consistency.

Page Naming Format

The poll was created at 20:12 on November 2, 2013, and so far 0 people voted.


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