After days of slumber, I've returned to this place. I've left this place in ruins since I left. A desolate, empty wasteland of chaos. Now, it's time to make it right.

Alright. Ladies and gentlemen, I've come back to Acepedia. I'm gotten off my ass and resumed the work I left unfinished some weeks ago. To make it simple and skip the "wall-o'-text" problem, I've posted the focal points of this blog below.

  • Template Experiments: Over the last days, I've been working on a number of templates and infoboxes to use within the site. These range from aircraft and soundtrack navigational templates, all the way to superweapon and mission infoboxes. The code used by the template's been reverse-engineered from different sources, all from Wikia.
  • Information Acquisition: Coming along with the news of the templates, I've started taking lessons to learn the Japanese language. Not just to read the Japanese Wikipedia, to watch anime in its pure form, or to enter Nico Nico Douga, but to get information from different sources: books, websites, Aces at War- sources.

The samples


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