Buon giorno once again, mi amici. Haven't used the blogs lately, have we? Then start using them, stronzos - they're there for something!


(clears throat)

Sorry, sorry. Now, into the good stuff: I have two topics to discuss about.

  1. Phoenix One conjecture - Some time ago, I created a page on "Phoenix" One, the main character of Air Combat (Ace Combat 1, for the uninitiated). The character's name was never stated in-game, and I decided to name the article Phoenix 'One because the character makes a cameo in Ace Combat: Joint Assault "as the "final boss" of SP mission 02, Ace of Aces (visual link). If anybody cares about conjecture 'n' stuff, post your opinions.
  2. 'Wikia Editor revert - The new Wikia editor carried some glitches with itself, some minor (ie. writing pointer disappearing when pressing arrows) to edit-disrupting (ie. system confusing stand-alone 's, such as "Ace Combat: Assault Horizons release..." [see previous example for glitch] with coding 's, leading to format problems). I assume that I'm not the only one to suffer these glitches, hence I saw myself forced to revert to the Wikia editor of old for my sake and for that of the community, small as it may be. Discuss.

Discuss both subjects. Now, if you excuse me, I have to leave, for slumber awaits. Ciao, bros. ProtoStealth 08:48, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

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