Queen Armada

aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
  • Queen Armada

    When you get the planes you want you find them in games with functions.Systems and propulsion is different and you think to compare it to Ace Combat and there are alot of functions that I would want from other aerial fighter games as I remember.Different weapons systems but they all have the delay on weaponry.What if they were a polished off modulated system and they say Ace Combat.Better guns like in Top Gun.Their guns can shoot down fighters alot and use of A-10 and their gone from the vulcan cannon.F-4Phantom's guns,harriers.Harrier has different control setup and easily can be in Ace Combat.Click on R1 button a few times to hover and switch modes.Better weapons systems and tracking and the plane view.Systems are different but could be …

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  • Queen Armada There are fighters that Americans did not understand and do not use as well and these fighters are underrated.That is not its rating level.Example of this is the F-16 and F-18.Both when made British as AV-harrier are not understood.The F-18 is Scottish.The F-16 is British.As the British have a fighter probably from Greenland Star Wars .This fighter is Panavia Tornado and Americans fly supersonic speed.Panavia is a swing wing and was used for land purposes.It might be the given away fighter F-14 stole the show from.They don't need to retire any fighters even to F-4 Phantoms.History in Cold War gave American fighters to British.And they changed and modifi…

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  • Queen Armada

    I have been an awesome Ace Combat pilot.I have had so many memories of using the F-14 Tomcat for land attack missions and using my favourite F-15 for Sea missions and carrier missions over the water,naval use.And then my other favourite the Panavia Tornado as carrier fighter missions and over water and seas and lakes.I use my space fightercraft monuvers Starfighter pilot and am a master of fightercraft.I though hover and I like hovering as I like the British harrier and Sea Harrier.I also like the F-15 Strike Eagle.Ace Combat could have a movie done .I am into Robotech,Transformers,Gobots,Gundam and Star Blazers.They all have the best fighters best of them is Star Blazers and Astro fighters th…

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