When you get the planes you want you find them in games with functions.Systems and propulsion is different and you think to compare it to Ace Combat and there are alot of functions that I would want from other aerial fighter games as I remember.Different weapons systems but they all have the delay on weaponry.What if they were a polished off modulated system and they say Ace Combat.Better guns like in Top Gun.Their guns can shoot down fighters alot and use of A-10 and their gone from the vulcan cannon.F-4Phantom's guns,harriers.Harrier has different control setup and easily can be in Ace Combat.Click on R1 button a few times to hover and switch modes.Better weapons systems and tracking and the plane view.Systems are different but could be made into a better Ace Combat game.Guns would work to shoot down,better propulsion and selection of planes.Tracking systems and weapons packs.Munitions.Better air breaks and yawing is different.Automated pitch is a great view of the entire plane.But then your gaining the enemies.Airforce Delta Strike has harriers and XL fighters.Top Gun has harder missiles that you can't deakout shake off your tail must chaff burst.Under category aircraft games,action games and simulator. Extra abilities to be unlocked and added to our XL fighters and more older designs of 80's and 70's.

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