I have been an awesome Ace Combat pilot.I have had so many memories of using the F-14 Tomcat for land attack missions and using my favourite F-15 for Sea missions and carrier missions over the water,naval use.And then my other favourite the Panavia Tornado as carrier fighter missions and over water and seas and lakes.I use my space fightercraft monuvers Starfighter pilot and am a master of fightercraft.I though hover and I like hovering as I like the British harrier and Sea Harrier.I also like the F-15 Strike Eagle.Ace Combat could have a movie done .I am into Robotech,Transformers,Gobots,Gundam and Star Blazers.They all have the best fighters best of them is Star Blazers and Astro fighters then Gundam.Transformers are great fighters.I like buying the weapons pack to re-fit chose your weaponry.I wish though guns was more effective and to have game cheats to raise the level to hardest level since you have invincibility and infinite fire.I wish they would improve the harrier from other harrier games and do VSTOL by switching with R1 button and then to hover as they have harrier buttons,not much of a change.I would like them to offer AV harrier.Konami would be a great producer for Ace Combat.And to chose helicopters as Apaches.You attack them and you should be able to be them as from other PS games.I fly it as it was in space and can do the mountain range mission where you cannot go above the range and you must twine and fight with enemies inside the canyon network and I go full speed in there having mastered it.Space is offered in Ace Combat and in other games they attatched rockets boosters to what ever fighter you chose,I used F-15 and went to Mars.I liked using the SEPECAT Jaguar and was great with that and AV harrier.I can annihilation enemy enemy and like the tunnel into the base.Attacking tanks and having Ace Combat Cold War.Ace Combat Vietnam.Ace Combat space.Ace Combat Top Gun.Ace Combat robotech.Ace Combat would be awesome to do robotech properly into a fighter.Ace Combat would severely improve Robotech and make them into machines and fightercraft.And same with Gundam.To make gundam from a land mecha into a spacefighter.Ace Combat for choppers to have a separate game just for harrier and choppers and SEPECAT Jaguar.Ace Combat WW1 and WW2.I have played Heroes of the Pacific and alot of propellored fightercraft and use them awesome but going the Gloster Meteor and Messcherschmitt jet engine and its a different game in WW fighter games.Rocket engine fighters are awesome.I like alot of chosing to carrier land to re-fit and re-arm.Carrier attack and NASA in Ace Combat.

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