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aka David

  • I live in Ontario, Canada
  • My occupation is Military Security
  • I am Male
  • Rogue Sergeant

    Hey guys,

    Just again writing something up quick while I'm at work! So here's the thing, I'm starting to think Enhanced Missles is a little over powered. Why you ask? Well, it's simple really... I have Video Footage here, that I recorded ever so quickly to test enhanced missles. And wait until you see this!!!

    Alright, take a look at this footage. Examine the whole video if you can! And if you don't have time, I'll assist you! Fast forward to 2:10 in the video you will see my flying pretty low, intercept and attack. Here you will see the Enhanced missle in action, this guy should have been able to dodge the rocket, but nope... Take a look... I finish him off with a critical, as you can see as his body cart wheels out of the cock pit... I love …

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  • Rogue Sergeant

    A10 Vs. F22

    October 19, 2011 by Rogue Sergeant

    Now, looking at the title. You'd figure that the A10 would lose, And rightfully so! So here's my little story of what happend yesterday... While playing Ace Combat Assault Horizon Death Match...

    So, as a F22 I was being pursued by roughly 2 Aircrafts that I could count. We were also playing on Dubai... I kept slowing down to do a Over G turn, and it wasn't working the reticles still had me on there and I was trying my best to dodge everything! And I did. There was another F22 in DFM with me, as well as a Tomcat. This being said I started flying really low to the ground, and I had no real idea there were buildings in the way. So I decided to stick through the buildings while yelling "OH MY GOD!!!" I thought for sure I was done. I pulled up r…

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