Guys, I had a speculation about Task Force 118's other 8 squadrons. It would be necessary to speculate about it, so here it is:

  • Antares and Varcolas Squadrons: Both squadrons were still active when Martinez Security was hired alongside Arrows Air Defense and Security. It's quite possible both squadrons fought together when the USEA Federation rose and participated in Operation Override – Dubai. Varcolac Squadron possibly wants to outdo Reaper so that they can be aces but is always beaten to it by Reaper. Also possible that Andre Olivieri gave up schematics and blueprints of the GAF–1 to Wehrner and David Enterprises likely because of either the USEA Federation or Ulysses. Is likely a friendly rival of Antares Squadron, much like Ridgeback Squadron is to Bone Arrows Squadron. I think Burford might be using an AWACS.
  • Crow Team: Possibly led by a Beckett based on PJ Beckett.
  • Espada Team: Led by Infinity's Alberto, whose second in command is also Infinity's counterpart of Marcela Vasquez.
  • Schnee Squadron: Might contain the Infinity counterparts of Strangereal's Belkan counterparts.
  • Sorcerer Squadron: A guy, whose callsign is "Bedivere", leads this squadron.
  • Silber Squadron: Led by Infinity's Silver Eagle.
  • Wizard Squadron: A guy, callsign Lucan, might have led this squadron.

I'm not descriptive to tell y'all the speculations on the six squadrons who had little to none speculations.

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