Howdy there fellow aces.

I had reallized that i'm found myself into a deep stage of idleness, but now i had this brilliant idea.

So tell me mates, in your opinion what is(are) the best soundtrack(s) in the series?

For me, soundtracks are 50 percent of a game, seriously, they not only add. rhythm to game, but they also rule how an stage will be imprinted in your mind, then turning it into an epic or not. A game with incredible graphics and strong storyboard can be less epic then it should because of a shoddy soundtrack. My favorite soundtracks in the series are Flicker of Hope and Mayhem, from Ace Combat Zero; Comona, which is a classic fan favorite from Ace Combat 4; Ridding High, Ripping Air and Elemental Particle from the arcade in Ace Combat 5; and, since i'm addicted in guitars, Rush and Naval Warfare from Ace Combat Assault Horizon. So, how about you guys, what are your favorite soundtracks?

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