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  • Bio Alban - also known as SlyCooperFan1 - is the head admin of Acepedia, the Ace Combat wiki. He is an all-around video game nerd, enjoying franchises such as Ace Combat, Sly Cooper, Need for Speed, and Uncharted.
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown producer and Ace Combat showrunner Kazutoki Kono has had multiple interviews this week. Many of them were online with various Japanese outlets, but there was one in particular on Gamespot's livestream. Here are the most important points from each interview.


    • "Hello, this is the Weekly Famitsu. And I like to play polo. You know, with the horses."
    • F-2A confirmed.
    • The Kestrel II is confirmed to be an aircraft carrier.
    • The crumbling city in the trailer is confirmed to be Farbanti.
    • Kono says that the E3 build took longer than they thought it would, so to make sure the game would be as polished as possible, Kono made the decision to delay it to 2018. "We believed it woul…

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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Holy hell, this has been one wild weekend, everyone. Lots of new stuff has come out for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown! I've been meaning to make a summary blog post detailing everything that's happened and all of the updates to Acepedia, but every time I tried starting this post, something else came up!

    So, here's a recap of what's happened:

    On June 9, 2017 at 10:57 PM Tokyo time, Kazutoki Kono tweeted the following: "Three more minutes?" At 11:00 PM Tokyo time, the non-subtitled version of Ace Combat 7s E3 trailer was released exclusively via GameSpot.

    Three hours later, at 1:57 AM Tokyo time, Kono then tweeted another three-minute warning. At 2:00 AM Tokyo time, the subtitled versions of the trailer were released via Bandai Namco's various YouT…

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  • SlyCooperFan1
    • Increased chances of Gold and Black Special Raids!
    • The game's available Special Raids will change to only one type during the following weeks:
      • Moby Dick Pursuit (May 16–23)
      • STONEHENGE RETURNS (May 23–30)
      • Satellite Interception (May 30–June 6)
      • Excalibur Onslaught (June 6–June 13)
    • Three new Ranking Tournaments are on the way, all of which last longer than usual.
      • Online Co-Op Missions: "On Cloud Seven" (May 16–31)
      • Naval Fleet Assault: "Nothing Else Comes Close" (May 18–29)
      • Score Team Deathmatch: "Yo buddy. Still alive?" (June 1–12)
    • New challenges will be available, including daily Special Raid challenges for White and Red versions!
    • 50% discount on Instant Radio Messages in the Special Supply Ticket Catalogue from previous games in the series, including …
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week! Apologies, this one is a day late.

    • More important than any of the following, User:DoubleDelta One has finished uploading every aircraft skin image that we've been missing from Ace Combat X and Joint Assault! He's also been updating aircraft articles in general with various fixes and missing stats, so I want to thank DoubleDelta One a million times over for all of his help in one of our most lacking areas!
    • I created Acepedia:Navigation to help organize our category tree, which hasn't had extensive work done on it since the wiki began. In lieu of this, I've also fixed a few category issues:
      • I deleted the Aces of the Belkan War cat…
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  • SlyCooperFan1

    Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

    Today's update will actually cover the past two weeks since I was on vacation and missed last week's update. Here we go:

    • I finally made a big update to the Nicknames/Event article to closer match all of its info with the current medal shops in Infinity.
    • User:DoubleDelta One has continued uploading a huge number of screenshots we've needed.
    • User:Zaptroxix has uploaded many screenshots of Infinity aircraft that we've either been missing or have rehosted from Gwiki in the past.
    • User:Shayanomer has continued updating many Infinity aircraft articles with the new skin gallery tabbers.
    • User:Northern Rain has continued adding to our Ace Comb…
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