I'm not as active, but I have been playing Ace Combat games a ton more, trying to complete all of the games I have to 100%. I've already completed Ace Combat 04, and I've been working on 5 for a couple of weeks, then I'll work on Zero and Assault Horizon.

In the past few weeks, I've unlocked the X-02, along with every Yuktobanian/Belkan/special color I was still missing (including the X-02 and Falken, which surprisingly don't need S ranks as everyone thinks, just needs every mission complete in their respective modes (Hard and Expert)). I also got an S-rank on every mission in Expert mode to earn the Gold Wing medal. And just now I purchased every single plane four times. Because I could. Too much money; what else was I going to do with it?

All that's left for me to do is complete every mission with an S rank in Normal and Hard for the remaining two medals. I also want to complete Ace mode with an S rank in every mission (doing so gives you a commemorative message from the developers and changes the PS2 save file icon from the standard F-14D to the Razgriz F-14D).

Fun fun fun.

EDIT: Apparently you can get a rank of Commander in Chief on Ace Combat 2... so I'm not done there yet. XD

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