Good day, aces! I wanted to make a summary post concerning the stats of Acepedia today compared to six months ago.

General Contributions

4,564 edits have been performed on articles in the main namespace (which doesn't include Template: or Category: or User:, etc.)
425 photos have been uploaded.
111 new pages have been created.

I can also confirm that we've been receiving almost double the views and users after Ace Combat Infinity's release than before it! Somewhere around 10,000-15,000 pages were viewed before the game came out, and now we're averaging 25,000 and almost hitting 30,000 views! So thank you to everyone visiting!

Administration and Electrosphere

After a bunch of updates to the team in the past few weeks, I'd like to introduce the current and new administration team of Acepedia:

I've been highly active these past few months (more so the last month), and Infinity 1 and Yellow 94 have returned to back me up in the administration role. We're all here to help as much as possible, so please contact any of us if you or anyone else needs assistance! I would like to point out, however, that we do not have any "powers" or "rights" more so than anyone else. Our main role is to be the link between Acepedia's users and Wikia Support, as well as to keep the wiki running smoothly by helping out where we can and taking care of users that are harmful to the wiki. Besides that, we are editors like the rest of us here on Acepedia.

Additionally, Infinity 1 and I serve as the wiki's bureaucrats (with Yellow 94 likely to be as well sometime in the next month). Bureaucrats are users who are given the rights to change users' groups (Administrator, Bureaucrat, etc.). We don't think this should be a separate power from being a standard administrator, so that is why we're keeping Acepedia's administrators as Acepedia's bureaucrats as well.

Finally, I'd like to explain the self-proclaimed "ambassador" role you see there. Lately, I've been in discussion with Electrosphere's team (not sure if they want to go by "Admins" or something else), at the very least Ribbon-Blue, and they're interested in ending the disconnect we've had between the various and valuable Ace Combat communities on the internet, at least including and Acepedia. One of the roles I've taken up (mostly behind the scenes) is staying in discussion with them and seeing how we can cooperate. We've already done the Infinity Ace Seminar, and we're starting to plan online events. Some ES members also participated in that online event we had going last last Sunday!

Additionally, we might have a special thing going on between Bandai Namco Games and Electrosphere and Acepedia. More details will be provided in the future, depending on where this takes us. Please be excited. :D

Acepedia Updates

  • Skype group.
  • New slider on the main page.
  • Online events.
  • Aircraft article templates being put in use.
  • New users.
  • New templates and categories.
  • New pages
  • A new administration team.
  • Featured Articles immediately making a return.
  • New rules to be put in place very soon.
  • Electrosphere and Acepedia working together.
  • Updated Twitter, Google+ and Facebook pages.
  • More of these Acepedia Updates in the future.
  • More engagement than ever before.
  • Cooperation between all users.
  • A love for a series that will never die in our hearts.

What's in store for the future?

That's up to all of us.

In the comments, please mention any praise you want to give to the wiki or its users; approve (or reject) of any of the recent changes; and make any suggestions to anything we can do to improve Acepedia!