I would like to bring something important to the attention of Acepedia's users.

What happened?

Earlier today, I contacted Wikia Support to revoke User:Protostealth's administrator and bureaucrat privileges, and he has also been temporarily banned for a month (Wikia Support banned him for two weeks, but I felt he deserved more).

Over the past few days, I've received a lot of emails concerning multiple edits to Acepedia's pages. This is normal during any peak editing time - I've gotten hundreds of emails from Wikia for Acepedia's edits. But all of these emails were being sent only for Proto's edits, and I began noticing some of them included deletions and category changes. I checked some of them out, and they were pages and categories that did not need to be deleted or removed. For example, Proto removed Category:Squadrons from various actual squadrons such as Gelb Team, and deleted pages such as Liberty Seven Project and Unknown Belkan Separatist Squadron.

What ticked me off and "broke the camel's back", however, was an insult he made to a member through the Edit Summary. He used some language I won't quote here in case anyone doesn't want to see it, insulting a member for misspelling "laser". Enough was enough, and when I confronted him about it, he claimed that getting people angry actually does manage to have things happen, and who would bother seeing an insult here or there when few members come here anyway?

I could not respond to him. Very rarely will someone make such, for lack of a better word, stupid comments that I just can't figure out how to respond to. I contacted Wikia Support, informing them of the situation and asking for his demotion and ban. They responded swiftly and agreed to help, and Proto is no longer a part of Acepedia's administration.

If you would like to see the last conversation that Protostealth and I had, in which most of the above happened (language warning), click here.

What now?

I want to make it clear to everyone that I hate badmouthing people, especially if they were respected before any related events happened, but I wanted to be absolutely transparent in informing everyone of what has happened.

I would also like to make it clear that I know I've been inactive. Personal life and a lot of other things have been distracting me, but I've wanted to go back to Acepedia. Was Proto right in that anger might actually get things moving? Maybe. But that's not how an administrator should run. I want this to be a clean and safe wiki for the community, where admins don't spout language against other users behind their backs.

Right now, I am working on reverting and deleting most of Proto's revisions on Acepedia. It will take me a while. After that, work will resume on the wiki in general. Click here to see some of the rough plans I created back in February.

So... that's pretty much all for this update.

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