Mostly taking place today, but in the process ever since I became an admin, I've just completed a mass deletion of videos that were hosted on Acepedia.

What got deleted?

Before I became an admin, Acepedia hosted 294 videos. That number is now down to 105. Most of the 189 videos I deleted were done so over the past few hours. The following are criteria I used for deleting a video:

  • Low-quality, especially if a higher-quality video is available
  • Duplicate of another video
  • Soundtrack
  • Fan art (usually music videos)
  • Unrelated to Ace Combat (except in special cases, such as the thrust vectoring videos)
  • Video doesn't exist anymore

Will this affect Acepedia?

Both surprisingly and not so surprisingly, most of the videos I deleted were not used on pages. However, some of them were, especially soundtracks or the ones that were unrelated to Ace Combat because a lot of people were uploading random videos to put on their user page. Therefore, please adhere to the following:

  • User Pages
    • If you have a broken video on your user page, it is likely because I deleted it. Remove dead videos from your user pages.
    • If you wish to put, on your user page, a video that falls in the criteria that I listed above, please just put the link to it. Do not upload the video itself to Acepedia. We're not here to host your random crap; we're here for Ace Combat stuff.
  • Main Articles
    • Soundtrack pages are currently under debate. See Thread:28771#4.
    • Outside of soundtrack pages, if you see a dead video in a main article, that means I missed it while I was deleting the videos. Please alert me to any dead videos in any and all articles other than soundtrack pages.

Can we still upload videos?

Of course! Videos are sometimes the best evidence we can show for certain things, such as Easter Eggs. If you have a video that hasn't already been uploaded, isn't soundtrack or fan art, and actually relates to Ace Combat and could be helpful to the Wikia, go ahead and upload it.

If you have any questions, you can contact me or another administrator and we'll be happy to help you. :)

What's next?

The videos were just the icing on the cleanup cake. My next target is the pictures... and those are exponentially worse to deal with than the videos. There are a lot of similar pictures, a lot of fan art, and it's going to take a very long time to sift through the hundreds of pictures that are uploaded here.

In addition to the file cleanup, I'm still working on fixing up the Monobook skin. I've already put a couple of changes live (the 2010 warning at the top of the page has been removed, the left sidebar has been cleaned up and now matches the Oasis/Wikia topbar), but the big cleanup of the CSS file and the formatting of the skin is still underway on my local computer before I make anything live.
See User_blog:SlyCooperFan1/Acepedia_Update:_Monobook_and_Main_Page_Updates.

Additionally, I'm looking into possibly changing the Acepedia logo. The favicon (the FALKEN icon in the browser window) will not change, but the 2010 logo does need an update. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking into having one variant for the Oasis/Wikia skin and one for the Monobook skin, since both of them need different sizes.

Until next time, aces!

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