This blog post concerns minor updates to the Main Page and major updates to the Monobook CSS file.

Main Page

The header font color has been removed. I don't know why it was there in the first place; it made the text white, which already occurs on the Wikia theme and makes it unreadable on the Monobook theme. Now it should look white on Wikia and black on Monobook, easy to read. Additionally, the table of contents has been removed and the slider has been updated with some different text to accompany the images.

The Main Page is in a dire need of an update. Please leave your suggestions on what we could do for a new Main Page below.


The Monobook CSS file hadn't been updated since November 23, 2007. Almost six years later, it's finally time that it got updated. The complete changes to the Monobook skin are as follows:

  • Body
    • Background image removed
    • On the top-right, there is no longer a weird background/color/thing blocking your username from view until you hover. This section is now fixed.
    • Font now displays Arial if Verdana is not available, and the default sans-serif if Arial is not available
    • All links are now the same shade of blue regardless of whether you've been to that page already
    • Links now underline when hovering over them, as in Wikia skin
    • Removed seemingly-unused code to stylize advertisements
    • Removed unused "Collapsible Portlets" code
    • Site Notice no longer styled in the CSS, and has itself been emptied of content
    • Article headers now have a bottom margin so the text has some room to itself
    • Poll results now look the same as they do on the Wikia skin, which has also been edited (see below)
    • The dropdown on the recent activity page is now readable
  • Main Page Blogs Module
    • The header is now readable and looks more like a header
    • The titles of blog posts are now bold
    • The dates are on their own lines, and the author links on their own lines
    • The spacing between paragraphs is not as drastic
    • The comments link is spaced out a little more, and there is a line below it to separate blog entries from each other
  • Sidebar
    • CSS: Headers are now capitalized and don't have a bottom border
    • Navigation: The Search section has been moved up, and the search bar and buttons are back to normal
    • Navigation: The sections and links now match the Wikia skin's topbar
  • General
    • The entire file has been cleaned up, removing redundant or unnecessary code.

In total, 2kb has been cleaned from the CSS file. Click here for the source code comparison.


On both the Monobook and the Wikia skin, I've edited the poll results to look a little neater. Both skins will display the same style: poll results will be in a larger bar now colored blue, and the borders are not as drastic. It's not a major thing, but I felt it warranted its own mention.

Further Updates

See User_blog:SlyCooperFan1/Acepedia_Update:_Mass_Video_Deletion for the mass video deletion I performed, as well as the mentioning of other topics.

As far as both the Monobook and the Wikia skins, I'm not looking into any more updates unless there is something that needs attention. The next (and possibly last) part of the skin cleanup is a new Acepedia logo/wordmark (see the blog post I linked to for more info). Once that's done, I'll move my attention away from the skins, but, if there is something that you want to suggest that needs an edit concerning either Monobook or Wikia, please leave a comment. :)

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