Aces, it's my four-year anniversary at Acepedia today! :O So I have a reverse gift for you! (Is that allowed?)

Main Page Buttons

The category buttons on the Main Page were introduced by a member of the Wikia staff, User:JoePlay, with Proto's permission as part of an overhaul of the Main Page that took place in 2010 and 2011. But the images were notably biased towards Assault Horizon (why was a helicopter used for the Aircraft button?) as well as AC5. In fact, the only other game was Zero, and that was only one image. #unbalanced

When I performed the latest Main Page redesign in November, I decided to keep the buttons, but with the promise of changing them since the circles didn't really fit and the Assault Horizon theme was getting old. So all of the buttons have changed! The format is more of a rounded square, and two of the categories (Weapons and Nations) have been replaced (Squadrons and Locations).

This is what the row used to look like.

This is what it looks like now!


I like to think that this gives those buttons a lot of diversity.

Wait, but... I don't see the new ones!

Ahh... yeah. For some reason, Wikia's caching system might be messing up the images. Since they were from 2010, I'm not surprised. It might be a while before the images will actually appear.

If they don't all appear by Saturday afternoon, I'm going to rename the files so the new images will be forced to be the ones that show up.

What else has changed?

There was a huge update four days ago, so make sure to check on that! No one has commented on that blog post... I'd really appreciate some sort of feedback!

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