This blog post showcases the new Parent Page for Acepedia, as well as the new guidelines for disambiguation pages.

Parent Page

About two months ago, Wikia began a project called Parent Filters. It has since been renamed to Parent Pages. The project calls on the wikis in the Wikia network to create a page for parents who are researching for information on the wiki's topic. For example, if a parent was searching for information on what Ace Combat is, and came across Acepedia, our Parent Page would help to inform them.

In fact, that's actually what this part of the blog post discusses. Over the past couple of days, I looked through some of the 80+ wikis that have created a Parent Page in order to get inspiration for what ours should look like. Eventually, I drew the most inspiration from the Parent Page of the Professor Layton Wiki, which can be found here.

Our Parent Page includes information on both the Ace Combat series as a whole, as well as a description of Acepedia. You can check out the Parent Page by clicking here. I would highly appreciate any comments, whether praising or critical, here on the blog post concerning the page. It can only be edited by admins, but I will definitely take suggestions!

EDIT: Forgot to mention. When the Main Page is updated (I haven't received any suggestions yet! Please, if there's something you wish to see on the new Main Page, leave a comment!), the Parent Page will be highlighted and linked to for any parent who reaches our home page.

Disambiguation pages

Ever since Acepedia was first started in 2006, there seems to have been a disconnect between everyone concerning how disambiguation pages were to be created. The biggest problem about that seems to be whether or not to use "(disambiguation)" in a disambiguation page's title. So, the following is how disambiguation pages are going to be done from here on out:

  • The page's title must include only the general name of the subject at hand, e.g. "Subject" not "Subject (disambiguation)" or "Long subject name that only applies to one article"
  • The page must start with {{Disambig}} at the top
  • The first line should be something along the lines of "Subject may refer to:" or "Subject can refer to one of the following:"
  • The rest of the page should be a list of the various articles that are being disambiguated

The last two lines are loose and can be changed to fit the subject at hand, but the first two lines will be enforced. I will update all existing disambiguation articles to fit the new guidelines over the next day or two. See Stonehenge or Kei Nagase as examples.

Suggestions, comments, questions? Leave them below! Also, be sure to suggest an article to be the first new Featured Article!

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