Hello there, aces! It's a new month, and it's time for an announcement that I've been waiting to tell you guys for months.

You see, back in October when I was made an administrator of the wiki because of its inactivity and my efforts to clean up, I had a vision in mind. A vision for a bright wiki. An active wiki. An awesome wiki. About awesome things. And I realized... Ace Combat couldn't be the subject of this wiki anymore. If we want to succeed, we should get off of that sinking ship while we still can. The series was never good, the story's always been uninteresting, the gameplay always sucked... don't even get me started on that dreadful music.

A few weeks ago, HAWX went on sale, and I decided to purchase it and try it out. And... I ended up liking it. A lot. And I discovered a community ripe with players. Players who thought that HAWX and its sequel were amazing games and deserved their own series. Ace Combat has, what, 18 games in it now? Why can't HAWX? It's far superior in every way, from the story to the gameplay to the soundtrack.

Starting today, I am transitioning Acepedia into HAWXPedia. The Main Page and Twitter accounts have already begun the change, and we already have our first HAWX-related articles. More details on the transformation will be given throughout the week.

That's all for now, farewell aces!

P.S. Once the transition is complete, all remaining members who do not conform to Uplay will be banned from HAWXPedia. You have been warned.

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