A couple of months ago, I felt like having a stats signature for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon to show off my multiplayer stats (I was, and still am, a very good pilot). I didn't realize just how rare multiplayer signatures were, though. I got the idea from seeing Uncharted 2/Uncharted 3 signatures, and figured that most multiplayer games had them.

But lo and behold, as I soon found out, coding the signature sites is a b***h (hell, coding itself is a b***h! XD). An artist can render a single signature for statistics any day, but to have to do dozens of signatures in one sitting? That requires intensive server-side coding, which few people (compared to the number of internet users) actually know how to code. But I know how to code server-side, so I figured, "Why the hell not? This way I get a signature for myself, signatures for others, and a name for myself among the AC community."

First, I DID use the easy but long way of rendering single signatures via email sign-up. I knew it wasn't going to work sooner or later; when it got to four sigs, I was getting tired. XD So I quickly began writing up the code for a new signature creator that automatically grabbed the stats from the Ace Combat website. I was heavily inspired by JaKhris's work on the Uncharted 3 signature creator (show it some love!, and he did point me in the right direction. :)

That was two weeks ago. I've gotten over 30 unique signatures created, five new styles added, and complete set-up for automatic updating since opening the new site, and I'm very proud with my progress. This is, by far, the largest project I've accomplished with coding. And I'm going to keep this site up for a long time as more people get into Assault Horizon and realize that, just because it has Ace Combat in the title and is being compared to other games in the series, the game as a standalone is very bad-ass and deserves much more attention than it currently has.

Link to my signature creator:

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