So what do you guys think is the coolest superweapon in that list? I mean obviously most, if not all, were used for evil purposes. But which one operated in the most interesting way, had the most intriguing background, etc.

Personally, I have to go with the Arkbird. That "bird of peace" was just that. It was made for peaceful purposes by both Osea and Yuktobania (at least, the mass driver was), and yet it attacked them both (destroying the Scinfaxi for the Yukes, nuclear threat on Yuktobania and Osea). And the Wardog Squadron had fought WITH it, but then the Razgriz Squadron fought AGAINST it. The irony behind the Arkbird is really interesting.

Of course, Nagase just refers to it 24/7 as the symbol of peace. No wonder she was so quiet in the beginning of that mission.

So what do you guys think?

Current Votes (in chronological order)

OSL: 1

Stonehenge: 1.5

Megalith: 2

Arkbird: 1


Excalibur: 3

Chandelier: 2

SWBM/Gleipnir: 1.5

And for those of you who wanted me to write one, I will be making a guide for the A ranks in Assault Horizon. Give me some time; it's been a while since I wrote a guide for anything. xD

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