Greetings, aces! Fandom, our parent service, has begun testing a new page header layout. Acepedia is part of the test! The goal of the project is to modernize the top section, to make it look neater and give it more accessibility and usefulness.

For more details on the test as well as some previews, check out this blog post on Community Central!

Fandom will be measuring usage statistics, so give it all a try and see how it works out. As you test out the new header, PLEASE leave your feedback here! User:Springteufel and other Fandom staff will be collecting feedback from all participating wikis, so the more feedback, the better!

Here's some comparison screenshots to help you out:

Acepedia Header Old Design

Acepedia Header New Design

Please leave your comments below for any feedback you have! Fandom Staff will collect it and iterate on the design as necessary.

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