Voting is no longer open! Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War won!

For more information, please see Acepedia:Featured articles and User blog:SlyCooperFan1/Acepedia Update: Featured articles, fan material, updates blog. Also be advised that references are not required for featured articles at this time.

Well, it's finally time to decide what should be the first new Featured Article for Acepedia!! I'm actually really excited for this, because it's about damn time. :D

Voting Rules

This is how it's going to work. From now until December 1, 2013, you guys will vote on what should be the Featured Article for December. However, voting will not work with a standard poll like the one in this blog post.

Instead, you must comment on your top three choices for the featured article. For example:

1. that article
2. that other article
3. and that article

The user's first option will be counted for three points towards that article. A user's second option will be counted for two points, and a user's third option will be counted for one point. You can only vote for three articles, and only one article for each position in your vote. (You do not need to vote for three articles if you don't want to.) The points will be tallied and the article with the most points will win the first new Featured Article status!

List of Articles

  1. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War 18 points
  2. Ace Combat Infinity 10 points
  3. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere 10 points
  4. Yellow 13 8 points

Why isn't ___ here?

The above list of articles was taken from suggestions from this blog post. The following articles were suggested but not included:

Do note that I only included Yellow 13 in the poll because the page didn't need too much editing, just a bunch of minor corrections here and there.

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