MISSION UPDATE: So I just got the Armor Bonus (only 80 points, but hey I'll take what I can get :D). It was brutal having to replay the mission so many times... but now all I need is 1,000,000 points.


Dear God, why? I mean, I love the variety in Assault Horizon, what with the bomber mission, helicopter missions, attacker mission (there should have been more attacker missions), and especially those multrole missions.

But dear God, why the AC-130? "Spooky" is honestly the hardest mission in all of Ace Combat to complete perfectly with no hits absorbed, I don't care what anyone says about any other AC mission. It was bad enough when I was farming the mission for the A rank on Ace mode.

Oh, speaking of which, guess what the hell just happened? I got about 1830 points, and apparently that's enough for an A rank. And I was on Pilot mode. WHAT THE F***?! I could have done that before for the stinkin' Platinum! Ah whatever, at least I have an A rank on all missions in Ace mode.

But a freaking Armor Bonus... It must be impossible to get one. How can you do that final pass at the end without taking damage?? I didn't even get the "Light Damage" notification and I still get 0 Armor Bonus!

This is just my rant for now... in an hour after I cool down (I did the mission thrice on Pilot mode without an armor bonus) I'm going to do the mission some more times.

I'm going to "Restart From Checkpoint" every time I get a missile hit and make sure I don't get a single hit until the very very very end. So apparently, this method actually negates any armor bonus you would earn in the mission... which means I've been doing it wrong this whole time...!!! Which means I have to do it perfectly from the mission start point... "God dammit!" ~Shooter 1

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