Sorry guys, but I won't be making that Assault Horizon A Rank guide. I'm getting really busy lately, and have no time for it. I'll get you started with a few general tips, though:

1. Complete the campaign on Elite mode, so you can unlock Ace mode. Ace Mode gives the highest value of points in the missions; use that in Free Mission mode to get the A ranks.

2. Do the helicopter missions first. They are the most annoying and will grief you for the longest amount of time. I suggest skills like Enhanced MG, MG Cool Down, Enhanced RKTL, Throttle Boost, Wide Angle and Zoom, and you can choose the last.

3. After the helicopter missions, do the gunship mission. YOU WILL DIE AT LEAST 50 TIMES. The point is, you need to memorize the AA positions, and destroy any missiles before they hit you. Yes, the 25mm actually destroys missiles. :) Please be patient with this mission. See my blog post about getting A ranks for more info.

4. Then do Lock and Load. You should not be at any higher than Light Damage when the two Hinds come out at the end. Be very careful with the AA units in the sequence right before.

5. Finally, do Hostile Fleet. YOU WILL DIE AT LEAST 50 TIMES HERE TOO. Some helpful skills: Enhanced Missiles, Enhanced MG, Enhanced ASM, Extra Armor. Be swift and avoid all damage at all costs. The battle cruiser at the final part of the mission killed me at least 30 times, don't worry if you keep dying.

6. Use Trinity to your advantage on Siege and Pipeline next. For Pipeline, land a Trinity hit in the fortress when the AA defenses activate, you should get points like no tomorrow. DON'T USE TRINITY ON THE TRINITY MISSILE, because it will kill you too! For Siege, be very cautious about the planes attacking Sova. Sova 1 can be shot down, but no others. Sova 3 will give you the most trouble. Land a Trinity hit on the ground forces that pop up while Sova 4 is trying to land.

7. Completing Siege and Pipeline on A rank will give you "Multirole Pilot." Put this in your skills for every mission that allows a Multirole plane (which is actually a lot of the ones left), and use a Multirole for that mission.

Share your tips below, and I'll edit this post with them! Good luck to all who are trying for that Ace of Aces achievement!

For you guys who are pretty intense on multiplayer, I've started a site today for multiplayer stats signatures. All sigs will be updated once or twice a week, and I'll be updating the page with new styles for sigs. :) There is also a preview of what mine looks like right there. Link:

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