So Ubisoft is having a "publisher sale" this week on Steam. Most of their games are 20% off or more, but each day, one of their franchises goes on sale for 75% or around there. Yesterday was Might & Magic, but today is the Tom Clancy games, so I decided to finally buy HAWX 1 (for just $2.49). HAWX 2 is also on sale (also for $2.49), but from everything I'm reading as well as my friends (NineZeroZeroOne especially), HAWX 2 isn't worth anything except $0.00. So I'm halfway done downloading HAWX 1, and... let's see how it goes!

If anyone here has HAWX 1 on Steam, I'd love to play with you! You can add me (SlyCooperFan1), just mention in the comments that you're adding me! I'll try to review the game on here before the sale ends tomorrow so if you're considering purchasing it, I can help you out. :P

Also definitely looking forward to purchasing Assault Horizon on Steam if GFWL really is being removed soon!

After Playing

Well... it's definitely different, I can give you that, but it's also clearly inspired by Ace Combat in so many ways. xD But it's not really bad, and for $2.49 you might have some fun with it. It's a cheap price for a game that's at least alright. I recommend you guys try it out and see if you like it. :) The sale is only for the next hour and 47 minutes from this edit (11:13 AM New York time), so if you want to grab it, grab it quick!

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