First, please read (but do not vote!) Protostealth's blog: User blog:Protostealth/Let's Play Democracy

At the time of this blog post, the poll was evenly split at 5 votes for the first option and 5 votes for the second option. As I commented on the blog, I mentioned that the poll options didn't really reflect what I had offered.

So, let's try clearing this up, again.

On Acepedia, we are going to have two separate types of articles: mission articles and operation articles.

  • Missions are what we play. They have a briefing, an objective, a time limit, and a debriefing. You can get an S Rank on them. There is almost no plot involved.
  • Operations are what happens in the story. The Kestrel escaped from harbor with Wardog's help; Mobius One destroyed Stonehenge; Phoenix helped Pennant Squadron return to base.

In a lot of console Ace Combat games, operations are actually named "Operation X" where X is some name. Operation Umbrella, for example, is named Operation Umbrella because it was actually named Operation Umbrella in the briefing for Sitting Duck.

However, not every Ace Combat game has named all of their missions after an operation. For example, Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy gave the names Operation Alphaville and Operation Bellissima to three missions each, and IIRC, AHL gave another mission an operation name during the briefing, but not every mission has an operation.

So, what is Acepedia going to do? Well:

  • Protostealth's Idea is to name every engagement in Ace Combat as "Battle of X"/"Siege of X"/"Bombing of X"/"Invasion of X"/"X Infiltration"/"X terrorist attack"/etc., depending on the situation.
  • SlyCooperFan1's Idea is to name engagements "Operation X" if an operation name is available from in-game media. If one is not available, then use Proto's above idea for those operations with no given operation name.

Which one do you guys agree with? Vote below! (PLEASE NOTE, this is not a popularity contest. This is not Protostealth VS SlyCooperFan1. Proto and I just have a disagreement and we hope you guys can help us decide this.)

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The poll was created at 20:08 on November 2, 2013, and so far 8 people voted.

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