Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

Today's update will actually cover the past two weeks since I was on vacation and missed last week's update. Here we go:

  • I finally made a big update to the Nicknames/Event article to closer match all of its info with the current medal shops in Infinity.
  • User:DoubleDelta One has continued uploading a huge number of screenshots we've needed.
  • User:Zaptroxix has uploaded many screenshots of Infinity aircraft that we've either been missing or have rehosted from Gwiki in the past.
  • User:Shayanomer has continued updating many Infinity aircraft articles with the new skin gallery tabbers.
  • User:Northern Rain has continued adding to our Ace Combat 3 mission articles.
  • I've continued working on the Strangereal timeline, and I've also begun updating Acepedia:On This Day to match the edits done to the timeline.
  • User:Expert not an finally changed his username to User:Not an Expert545.
  • Northern Rain added Template:Navbox/ACI-Missions and Template:Navbox/AC6-Missions to all of the articles missing and needing them.
  • I deleted some unnecessary categories referring to old template code, and fixed all pages using such old code (like voice actors on Character infoboxes or the Special Aircraft stat tables in Infinity).

That's all for these last two weeks. Have a great weekend, aces!

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