Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week! Apologies, this one is a day late.

  • More important than any of the following, User:DoubleDelta One has finished uploading every aircraft skin image that we've been missing from Ace Combat X and Joint Assault! He's also been updating aircraft articles in general with various fixes and missing stats, so I want to thank DoubleDelta One a million times over for all of his help in one of our most lacking areas!
  • I created Acepedia:Navigation to help organize our category tree, which hasn't had extensive work done on it since the wiki began. In lieu of this, I've also fixed a few category issues:
  • I finally, finally merged the "IDOLM@STER Aircraft" article into the general THE iDOLM@STER article! This also came with either brand new uploads or high-quality reuploads of a lot of iDOLM@STER aircraft from Ace Combat 6.
  • I updated all of the Ranking Tournaments in Infinity, finally completing our list of the first round of medal tournaments and presenting that the rewards from almost every tournament are now in the medal shop. (This one really made my laptop whine with the number of images I had to download from Facebook.)
  • User:Not an Expert545, User:Qbicle and I all created long-needed redirects for the Infinity Special Aircraft short names presented in the Aircraft Tree.
  • User:Shayanomer has continued updating Infinity aircraft articles with the new skin gallery tabbers.
  • I added the ability to put notes next to Infinity nicknames earned from leveling up aircraft, similar to Gwiki's format, to explain some nicknames with interesting trivia if people are interested.
  • I made a major, long-needed update to our article on The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces, particularly to point out its legacy on the Ace Combat series.
  • User:Firetaurus added images of all of the Ace Combat 2 medals!

That's all for this past week. Have a great weekend, aces!

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