Welcome to the Weekly Debriefing, where we go over the major changes that have occurred on Acepedia over the past week!

  • I've added a Discord module to the right sidebar! Any active Acepedia user, on any language of Acepedia, is free to join!
  • We now have a page dedicated to YouTube caption translations! English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Indonesian are already completed. We could use more support if you know any other language!
  • We now have a Brazilian Portuguese wiki! Click here to see it! If you know Brazilian Portuguese, please help us in expanding your wiki!
  • User:DoubleDelta One, User:Shayanomer and User:Qbicle have continued adding many necessary images.
  • Shayanomer has continued to standardize many Infinity aircraft articles with the new skin gallery tabbers and reordering the analysis tabs chronologically.
  • Qbicle has updated the Merchandise article with the Wardog and Razgriz eggplanes.

That's all for this week! Have a great weekend, aces!

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