I really hope I'm the first person who thought of this. Gotta write fast before Bing takes my idea.

A not-so-brief history

The Cold war was a conflict between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that took place between ~1949-1989. It was so named because there were no "hot battles" (like the battles in Ace Combat). The USA and the USSR stockpiled nuclear weapons to the point where they reached a stage called MAD (Mutually Assurred Destruction.) If any one nation fired a nuclear weapon at the other, the latter would fire a nuclear weapon back, thus igniting a nuclear war that would destroy the world. The USSR was majorly aligned with the former Warsaw Pact during the Cold War, and the US was aligned with NATO.  

The SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) and SALT II treaties were signed, reducing tensions between the countries. The Berlin wall, which divided Germany into a Capitalist West and a Communist East, was also destroyed on March (or was it May?) 24, 1989. The Iron curtain (no more than a line on a map that seperated the Communist from the Capitalist) ceased to exist, and the Soviet breakup on Christmas Day 1991 signaled the end of the tensions.

My thinking

What if this is going on between us and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)?

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