Aces of the skies, a terrible thing has happened in Belgium.

On December 13, 2011 at 11:33 UTC, a 33 year old guy named Nordine Amrani, took his FN FAL, his revolver, and four grenades to a busy Christmas shopping center. He then hid on the rooftop of a bread bakery, and threw the grenades into the shopping center. Once they detonated and smoke blew up, he then proceeded to fire into the confused crowd with the FN FAL. After that, he took the revolver and blew his head off.

Five people were killed. 125 others were injured. Among the losses were: two tenage bpys at age 15 & 17, a 17-month-old boy, a 75-year-old woman who survived the attack, but died of injuries two days later, and a man of unknown age.

I took these facts off of Wikipedia. The facts themselves (mine, not wikipedia's) may or may not be exactly correct, since the page varied by day.

The countries of Australia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Singapore, and the UK responded with messages of condolence.

I feel the attack was terrible. I mean really, the dude decides to kill people that either have not experienced or are full of experience of life. They didn't do anything to him, so why should he do it to them? Plus, they were trying to be happy and celebrate the Christmas season, not trying to rob people of this chance. This type of attack, I've experienced before. The Jan. 8, 2011 shooting happened only about ten miles from where I was that day. My reaction was the same, I mean, killing a nine-year-old girl? Really?

I would like to, then, express condolences on behalf of Acepedia. This attack was purely the strategy of a jackwagon, and it should not repeat itself in the world's history. Please comment and voice your opinion of this horrifying attack.

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