And so, if you want to EVA, you can step out of the time machine, but not out of the plasma shield, since if you were born after winter solstice 1945, and if you step out of the plasma, you disappear. To go back home, just set the clock back to mission control current time and engage engines.

I'll take the time to respond to the comments. The time machine on ACFW (which I hate) was a humor article and will not be regarded seriously. As for the speed, yes 10 to the power of 9 is 1,000,000,000. And another thing, if the safest speed attainable is 95% of light, then how come the sun's light does not kill us all? Does it not move faster than 95%? Also, the engines, yes, I don't even believe any engine present or future could go that fast. Maybe nuclear energy? IDK.

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