So, here it is.

I was taking a very important test, and I finished somewhat early. I had taken out a piece of paper pre-test to entertain myself if I finished early. Looking at a map of the world at night, I had an idea.

Master plan

It's two master flight plans for the google earth simulator. One is a Europe trip, the other an Asian trip. The Europe trip is from Heathrow Airport in London, to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, then to Tegel Airport in Berlin, and finally Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow.

The Asian trip is from Narita Airport in Tokyo, over to Seoul-Incheon Airport in (Inchon, Incheon? Man, if Grabacr one was here...) then to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport in Taipei, and finally Tan Son Nhat Airport in Saigon.


I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Therefore, I am abanoning all flight plans scheduled in Asia.

Europe Status: Nearly done

Heathrow ----> Charles de Gaulle Status: Completed

Charles de Gaulle ----> Tegel Status: Complete

Tegel ----> Sheremetyevo Status: Had to divert to a Russian AFB in Kaliningrad Oblast. So here is the new flight:

Tegel ----> Unknown Kaliningrad Air force base Status: Complete

Unknown Kaliningrad Air Force base ----> Sheremetyevo (hopefully) Status: Crashed on landing.

NZ-Ant. Status: In initial stages

Wellington ----> Christchurch Status: Complete

Christchurch ----> McMurdo station Status: To be flown

McMurdo ----> Amundsen-Scott

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