• Spell Check


    January 13, 2012 by Spell Check

    <p />I enjoy the multiplayer functions that AH has, though the realism is much more arcade than the previous. However, everything is nice and balanced, except the occasional 33 with SAAMs sniping everyone from afar.

    DFM is too dependent for the game, as most planes can turn on a dime, even without High-G. I like shooting down players without using DFM, due to the non-existant risk of no one counter-manuevering and strafing me with a simple direct hit n00b missile.

    However, as I've been playing more, I've noticed a bunch of players in any plane just hovering over the spawn point, just firing missiles and not doing anything nearly as productive as a mobile plane.

    My question is that a hack or just some cheap ability for planes to stay in place?…

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