• I live in Argentina - Buenos Aires
  • I was born on July 1
  • I am Male
  • Super-Hornet-Fan

    While dusting off my old PS2 and replaying ACZ, I have noticed that Kellerman´s F-4 and all the Jas-39 from the Indigo squadron have a cross on their vertical stabilizers. Is this emblem like a code between belkan knights or what? What´s your opinion?

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  • Super-Hornet-Fan

    Hi guys and girls, as the title explains, I need your help and advices to make a decision about my buying choices. 

    Well, the thing is this:

    I have my beloved Hornet waiting for some months at Lvl.10 (Needs 1.7M credits to be upgraded) and it is, along with my Lvl 5 F-15 -PX-, my best A2A airplane. But, I have been saving credits since the appearance of the X-02, and right now I have 700K (Barely enough to buy the Wyvern).

    So... should I buy the Wyvern and leave the F-18 at Level 10? or should I better save some more and make it an even deadlier machine than it was before?

    If this helps you in any way I have 46 stocked fuels (I am saving them and I am not able to buy more so I have to work with what I have), play 6 or more times a day, have al…

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