Alright, I am sure that all of you are a part of other Wikis. Some of you may even be part of other gaming Wikis. I, personally, am part of the Avatar Wiki and Patapedia. Patapedia is a Wiki designed for the Patapon series of games by Pyramid and Japan StudiosPatapedia is most certainly not as sophisticated as our Acepedia. There are no forums, the grammar in most articles is bad, articles are repeated, and the Administrators are most certainly not opened to justfied speculation.

But Patapedia, a Wiki designed for a video-game, has one VERY IMPORTANT THING that our Wiki does not:


Our Wiki, meant for one of the best video-games of all time, offers no instructions on how to get past the very things the game is about! The missions!

Therefore, I propose that as a community, we create or add to the mission articles already present on the website in-depth walkthroughs by players who have completed the game.

Who agrees?

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