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    The Anean Continental War of 2015

    Part 1 Introduction: In this essay, I'll go over the Emmerian-Estovakian war covered in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. While Ace Combat 6 is another great game in the franchise, the story inside is also another part of the game, while unseen at first, can be dissected and explained. Hence, the essay.

    Part 2 The events preceding the Anean Continental War. In 1999, the Ulysses asteroid was discovered, throwing Strangreal into a turmoil. Many countries attempt to make ready for this apocalyptic event. Stonehenge and Meglith are made on the continent of Usea. The Anean continent has no such defense measures, but Estovakia manufactures the Chandelier rail gun to combat the asteroid. When the asteroid reaches …

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    With the Christmas season on us, I decided to make a blog. In parody of the 12 days of Xmas song,  this blog is 12 days of Ace Combat. Enjoy

    1: A hero named Mobious 1

    2: Two F-15s

    3: Three SAM sites.

    4: Four F-14s.


    6: Six ops at Silvat.

    7: Seven pillars of Belka.

    8: Eight Stonehenge cannons.

    9: Nine knights round table.

    10: Ten dogfights.

    11: Eleven nimbus missiles.

    12: Twelve Strigon planes.

    A/N: if anyone can make a better one, please do so. Also, If someone could make a youtube video based on this, I'm sure the AC community will like it.

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