Being a fan of Ace Combat for some time since 4, I'm feeling mixed about this. Now, there has been a lot of demand for Ace Combat games for the PC ever since there has been a modding community, and this actually might give Ace Combat more much needed attention. Having a PC Ace Combat game will really flush out the chance for the modding communities to make the game better than the developers originally intended, and seeing what they could do with other games like Jedi Academy and KOTOR, I'm excited about this. The negative however, isn't going to be ignored. It is Assault Horizon after all. And I can't imagine using DFM or ASM with a joystick cause I've gotten so used to using it with a controller. If it was say, Ace Combat 6 coming to PC or Ace Combat 5, or even Ace Combat X (I wish), I would be more excited than I am now. But I will say that Namco is taking a step in the right direction with this move, cause I think Ace Combat needs this. It will take them a while to earn my trust again after Soul Calibur V, but this is a start.

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