With my school year almost over I've decided to do a few things on this stie before my summer vacation starts and my time on Acepedia and the Fanon would be shortened. So first I'm posting the stories for Air Combat and Ace Combat 2 that I found in the instruction manual.

Air Combat

Six months ago, a new breed of terroist invaded several countries. The Casualties were staggering. The governments of the world band together to eradicate this global threat. A band of elite mercenaries are hired to strike where the air forces have failed. The reward for these impossible surgicle strikes is awesome... You are the team leader, equip your team with the most devastating air power available from lightning fast F-15s to undetectable F-22 Stealth fighters! Air superiority is the top priority in defeating this invasion force. Once your team dominates the air, the enemy's ground forces will be useless!

Ace Combat 2


Military Rebels have seized Unified Forces sector NA-P2700. Striking while the heads of state were at a peace summit, political insurrectionists have seized and occupied the adminstration's center. Many institutions have already fallen to the rebel's orchestrated attacks around the world. Intelligence reports that the rebels now possess both strategic and long-range weapons. Their sphere of power has rapidly expanded in the coup d'etat, as has their military capabilities. Since the United Forces are already spread thin around the globe, UF Headquarters has formed a mercenary tactical strike force, code name: Scarface. You are to lead strike force Scarface against the rebel insurgents. You have full aircraft and ordinance support from the United Forces and intelligence will be supplied from Information HQ. The situation is tense and we have no time to lose. The fate of the free world is in your hands. Good luck.

That is all.

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