Okay here are a few Ideas for the Ace Combat Sequel (IF there is one)

Idea #1: ASM for Fighters and DFM for Attackers. As you all know Assault Horizon introduced a new mechanic CRA or as it is know in game as DFM and ASM however we later discovered that the fighters can only do all DFM and Attackers can only do ASM. THIS WAS A BRILLIANT IDEA AFTERALL, ESPECIALLY WHEN I AM IN AN ATTACKER I HAVE TO HOPE THAT ONE OF MY WINGMAN WILL COME SAVE ME, OR THAT THE ENEMY WILL BE GRACIOUS ENOUGH TO LET ME LIVE :D! Yeah Right. Namco seemed like it could hav
A-10A in Hangar

When life gets tough dont go and surrender GO UGLY EARLY!

e done alot in this game but chose not to. For Example when I am online and I am in an Attacker like the A-10 I feel helpless as I am at the mercy of a pursuing fighter or multirole plane. I mean in real life the A-10 is not the best plane to dogfight in but it is not completely useless! I mean in a turning fight the A-10 can out turn the F-16C Fighting Falcon. Not sure how well it would do against the Raptor or PAK FA though. Anyway it should be able to the barrel role counter manuever at the very least, because while you are in an attacker your basically saying "HERE I AM COME KILL ME! :D" The A-10 is basically going to be vertually ineffective against Fighters. To keep it simple lets do a scenario F-22 vs A-10:

- The F-22's Anti-Air Capable Weapons (MSSL and 4AAM) have more Agility than the A-10's Anti-Air capable weapons (MSSL)

- The Raptor can easily avoid the Hog by just accelerating away!

- The A-10's cannon, while much more powerful, is slightly drooped down so it is somewhat useless in DFM!

- The A-10's Missile packs more of a wallop than the Raptor so if it hits the Raptor ITS GOING TO HURT ALOT!

- The A-10 can only do the Barrel Role as its counter maneuver.

Alright now with the fighters like the F-22, cannot do ASM what so ever! So Mobius 1 cant destroy the enemy HQ on Capital Conquest even though he destroyed the Stonehenge and Megalith! TOUGH


SHIT MOBIUS 1! Let us face it though even though in real life the F-22A Raptor does have Air To Ground ordinance even though it is primarily an Air Dominance Fighter. It's Able to carry JDAM's, Bunker Busters and so on. In Assault Horizon it makes the game feel somewhat restrained. Their is only two examples of Aircraft that would only carry all Air-To-Air Ord
F-14A Site

Talk to me Goose

anance at one point in their career being the F-15C and the F-14A Even so later in their careers they were able to carry Air to Ground Ordinance at some point in their operational period either through variant or modification. Anyway back to topic. With the Raptor going into ASM it is nowhere near as effective as the A-10 since it's MSSL and Guns are flimsy compared to the Warthogs, it does not have a diverse range of Air-To-Ground Ordinance, AND to top it all off it's gun doesnt droop as low as an A-10 since its guns are made to kill Airplanes. So I guess if they re-made Ace Combat 4: Mobius 1 would destroy stonehenge with the F-35 rather than his signature Raptor.

One of the great things about previous Ace Combat games was that we could pick any plane, any special weapon, on any mission even though it was not exactly ideal for those missions but we knew that we were not going to be easy targets to fighter or be completely worthless when facing super weapons with them!

Idea #2: Bring back AC6 High G turns

In Assault Horizon High-G Turns return but they require to decelerate and turn. I really think they should have brought back the High-G Turns from AC6 as well as the ACAH High-G Turns but have them work differently. The AC6 variation is better for outturning missiles while the ACAH variant is better for bringing in the oppenent to do A counter manuever or getting on an opponnents tail without worring about over shooting.

Idea #3: Stop Players from doing excessive turning

It is hard to DFM an enemy in multiplayer if he is constantly turning! Even though I am an Ace Combat Fan I have played other flying games as well such as blazing angels. In online if you turn (or in som cases counter maneuver) excessively the screen starts to darken to the point where you do not see anything at all. This mechanic of the game is parrallel to a blackout in real life its to make sure noobish players do not try and constantly turn so they dont avoid death. Also if the players go downward their screen will go red from a red out just to add a sense of realism to the game you know?

Idea #4: When will Project Aces let us have the ability to pick multiple Special Weapons rather than just one?

I mean come on after a while you have to find out some way to do it. This would have been so helpful in AC6 If we had multiple special weapons since we constantly had to land on a freaking runway to change our weapons. It would be more useful in Ace Combat Assault Horizon online

Idea #5: MSSL are the new QAAM

Lets face it QAAM has become overpowered in DFM since its off boresight no real point to it since the MSSL is ridiculously accurate if you know how to ping it on other players.

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