Alright since it is the Holidayes and more players will probably get Ace Combat Assault Horizon, that meaning more people to fight online, I might as well warn you about a phenomina my friends and I termed a 'skywarper.' A skywarper (a term defined by my peirs, from the transformers character Skywarp, the decepticon jet that transforms from a purple jet who has the ability to teleport) is when a player has such a shitty connection that he just stays in a stagnant, hovering in the position from where he spawned. If he fires a missile at you or DFM's you, you are 100% garunteened dead. Neither the counter manuever or the flares will save you. You dont even see his missiles on the radar. You just magically explode. Their is only one way you can kill the skywarper, you must find the position from where he spawned on the radar and own his ass because (thankfully) this phenomina works both ways. It is highly recommended that YOU DO NOT DFM him since he is hovering in the same position from where he spawned, if you do DFM him, you WILL stall since his plane is just hovering it is better that you try to own him with a very powerful SP weapon like 4AAM etc since he is a sitting duck and he cant evade either.

I am pretty sure many of you experienced online players have experienced the yourselfs just giving all of you out there a tip just in case there are some who havent played an Ace Combat with online before. IT is annoying and could really give you a bad day. Remember Gotta Stay Fly.

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