Alright in my English class I had to right a poem about anything in m
Krista yoslav

I will never forget this...

y english class and even though I hate poetry here is one I made up hope you like it. It revolves around the final mission of Assault Horizon.

In the skies above D.C, a man, an ace, cursed by fate, feared by all, and driven by revenge, flies into the skies of the Nation that murdered his beloved wife in that dreadful war so long ago. Even now the Shark is fueled by the hatred that
PAK-FA Sharksmouth

The showdown that was always meant to be begins... NOW!

spawned from that day, when his lovers life was extinguished without warning. Now in his Sukhoi PAK FA armed to the teeth bearing the omnicidal weapon of the gods the final act commences. Vengence will not come so easy as the Wolves of War stride to meet him, but with memories fresh in mind and retribution so benign he fights for Mrs. Krista Yoslav...

So thats it I hope I get an A on it I HATE POETRY but I LOVE ACE COMBAT XD.

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