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    So this is my version of what I think AC7 should be like. "Winds of Requiem" takes place back in Strangereal during the events of "Unsung War". The player takes control of _____ (i ll think of a name later) callsign Solace. (yes this is also one of my nicknames, So what). The player will, through him, fight the "unsung war" story but with a diffrent view from a lesser known squadron.

    FWI any speling thats mispelled please let me know and ill fix it.

    The story begins with the "Solace" and Ghost Squadron of Osea doing patrol in an area near Port St. Hewlett. They are then called to assist "Wardog" in the the defence of the port and the Carrier Kestral from the Yuktobanians via AWACS "Guardian". Ghost Squadron flies their F-22's at full afterbu…

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    Airmen Psalm 23

    November 7, 2011 by War Eagle 1
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    Psalm 23 Airmen Style

    November 7, 2011 by War Eagle 1

    I found this a while back and decided to post it on here

    This is not mine so im not takeing credit for it.

    The Lord is my Sky Pilot,

    I will not be afraid.

    He lets me fly over green pastures

    And guides me across clear skies

    As He refreshes my soul.

    He elevates me to the Sun above the clouds,

    Where His name is exalted.

    Even though I fly Vally of shadow of death,

    I will fear no fall;

    For You are with me,

    Your stick and compass

    They bring me in.

    You prepare a landing for me

    In the presence of adverse conditions.

    You bless my flight with ample fuel

    And my plane flies perfectly.

    Surely good times and joy will follow me

    All the flying hours of my life,

    Then I will fly skies forever.

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