• Wubububu man

    Greetings, blog dweller. Are you an Ace Combat player? Ever wanna know the wars happened before the years the asteroid reached Strangereal? Wanna have a complete guide to the lives of the aces? Fret not, here's a guide to playing the series in chronological order.


    1. AC: Northern Wings and Advance are excluded from the guide because of its "Behind the Curtain" missions from the connecting canon.

    2. Ace Combat on the Earth continuity is excluded for obvious reasons.

    3. Since Zero and Air Combat's setting is of the same year, I'll assume that the after the events of Operation: Broom, during those 6 months, the plot of AC1 begins.

    4. Emulators are acceptable.

    Consoles Needed:

    Playstation 1


    Xbox 360


    Nintendo 3DS

    Games needed:

    Air Combat

    Ace C…

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