aka Michael

  • I live in Millville
  • I was born on March 30
  • My occupation is Glass manufacturing
  • I am Male
  • WyvernOne

    Wyvern's back, tell a friend...

    But seriously, I'm back. I don't usually like talking about my personal finances, but I suppose it matters in this case. My bills are all caught up, and there was just enough money to spare for re-activating my internet access. It was a struggle, but several overtime days at work ultimately made all the difference.

    I said before that when I came back, I'd continue working on the Ace Combat 04 mission pages, and I have just now finished up with "The Northern Eye". Between housework and this, I should probably get as far as "Shattered Skies" before I retire for the night.

    On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to wish AWACS Sky Eye a happy birthday... even though I know he doesn't really exist. But don't tell any…

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  • WyvernOne


    August 13, 2012 by WyvernOne

    I want to address the reason why I haven't been on at all in the past couple weeks, and I'll give you the short version.

    Financially, it's been a very rough couple months, and it got to where I had to choose between rent and internet access. So, it's not hard to determine which one I chose. (I'm typing this from the local library, if it helps.)

    I know I was supposed to keep working on the AC04 and 5 Mission pages, but short paychecks in the past month kind of put a wrench in that operation for the time being. Don't worry about them; once I get home access back in about another month or so, I will work double time on them.

    In short, this has been kind of an explanation/apology for my lack of activity. I hope you guys understand.

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  • WyvernOne

    As I browsed through the mission pages, I noticed that the vast majority of them are virtually devoid of content, usually them being just one sentence describing it as the Nth mission of X game. Because the housekeeper in me can't quite leave something like this well alone, I've lately been considering launching a large overhaul of these pages. I haven't done anything to them yet, because there doesn't seem to be a standard in place for what they should look like when done, and also because I didn't want to seem like the Johnny-Come-Lately inadvertently stepping on anyone's toes about it.

    The question is, what should such a standard be for these pages? My idea of one would be something like this:

    1) Introduction
    2) Mission Briefing
    3) Overview (i…

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  • WyvernOne

    I've been thinking a lot about Ace Combat 3 lately, and the fact that it was retconned as the first entry into the United Galaxy Space Force series last year. Obviously this is old news, but I believe it bears giving it some thought.

    Since it means that AC3 has become a bridge between the latter series and the Strangereal timeline, I wouldn't be surprised if the same were to one day happen between Ace Combat's real-world timeline and the Soul Series.

    Now, we know that the Soul Series take place in the 16th-Century real world, which precludes it from being a part of the Strangereal timeline (short of some very convoluted retcon of its own), but since Project Aces began to focus on the modern-day real world with games such as Assault Horizon, it's …

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