I've been thinking a lot about Ace Combat 3 lately, and the fact that it was retconned as the first entry into the United Galaxy Space Force series last year. Obviously this is old news, but I believe it bears giving it some thought.

Since it means that AC3 has become a bridge between the latter series and the Strangereal timeline, I wouldn't be surprised if the same were to one day happen between Ace Combat's real-world timeline and the Soul Series.

Now, we know that the Soul Series take place in the 16th-Century real world, which precludes it from being a part of the Strangereal timeline (short of some very convoluted retcon of its own), but since Project Aces began to focus on the modern-day real world with games such as Assault Horizon, it's starting to look at least a little bit feasible.

Keep in mind, this is not (only) about small cameos and easter eggs appearing here and there; I'm talking about the phenomenon of one Namco continuity merging with another (also known as "canon welding").

If such a thing were to happen, what would your thoughts be, and how would you go about it?

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