As I browsed through the mission pages, I noticed that the vast majority of them are virtually devoid of content, usually them being just one sentence describing it as the Nth mission of X game. Because the housekeeper in me can't quite leave something like this well alone, I've lately been considering launching a large overhaul of these pages. I haven't done anything to them yet, because there doesn't seem to be a standard in place for what they should look like when done, and also because I didn't want to seem like the Johnny-Come-Lately inadvertently stepping on anyone's toes about it.

The question is, what should such a standard be for these pages? My idea of one would be something like this:

1) Introduction
2) Mission Briefing
3) Overview (in-universe content - the who-what-where-when-why's, coverage of the mission's events)
4) Strategy (out-of-universe content - mission objectives, Rank requirements, Enemy Aces, etc.)
5) Gallery
6) Trivia (if applicable and/or necessary)

As I thought about this, I realized that this would act in accordance with Protostealth's "Out of the Shadows" project, in large part because the mission pages would not only be comprehensive, but also leave an impression on the wider part of the AC community by looking professionally done.

However, I would like to make clear here that I unfortunately have not played any of the Ace Combat games other than 04 and 5, so I'll be of little use for the mission pages of all the other games.

What are your thoughts and possible ideas about this?

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